Big Dogs Need Love Too

Tom Brunton and Kodi have partnered with Blount County Animal Shelter and have made their mission to help animals find the perfect home, in particular “big” dogs. Many people want the small cute dogs and often forget about the large loving dogs. Every big dog deserves a chance to go home with a great family.

Next time your looking for that new best friend, stop by the Tom and Andrea Brunton Bunkhouse at the Blount County Animal Shelter and see who is in need of a new family.

Blount County Animal Shelter

The Blount County Animal Shelter, housed within the Blount County Animal Center Complex, has been protecting and assuring the welfare of both animals and people of Blount County, Tennessee since November of 2009.

Their Mission is to serve the community through innovative approaches to sheltering, adopting and spaying and neutering of animals, and to educate the public on responsible pet ownership and animal welfare.

Blount County Animal Shelter