How We Got Started

Brunton Masonry Inc. was founded by Tom Brunton in Venice Florida. At the age of fourteen Tom began working as an unskilled laborer for his best friends father Buddy Bryson of Bryson Masonry. Tom was very eager to work and learn as much as possible, but Buddy made it clear that Tom could only work after school and on weekends until he finished his education. Therefore Tom worked every moment he was allowed, and excelled at his trade. By the age of twenty he had become a mason and moved on from his mentors company to a larger company where Tom was given the opportunity to put his skills to the test by being in charge of his own crew.

Throughout the years Toms friends insisted that masonry work was too difficult but Tom persisted, he continued gaining knowledge and working hard then in 1992 at the age of twenty-eight he founded Brunton Masonry. The company was formed as a sole proprietorship with only one employee. Naturally with a strong work ethic, earnest integrity, and many excellent companies to work in conjunction with Brunton Masonry has grown into what it is today. Currently Brunton Masonry is proud to serve all of the southeast. Specializing in commercial projects, no job is too big or too small. We are fully capable to meet your masonry needs with employees numbering in the hundreds, as well as annual sales in the tens of millions, with a bonding capacity to match.

Our Mission

Our philosophy is to work along side the general contractor, architects, and owners as a team creating extensive support in the timely completion of a quality project. We offer a long standing reputation, integrity, dependability, and knowledge of masonry as a service that is not always reflected in the lowest bid.